Upcoming Events

Practice Period

July 15, August 19
9:00 AM

Summer Practice Periods will be held at NBMC on Saturdays, July 15 and August 19. We will begin with a period of meditation at 9:00 a.m. and then turn to an informal discussion of how our practices are going. Everyone is invited to share insights, questions, and experiences. Hope you can attend.

Zen Conversations

July 19, August 2, 16, & 30
6:25 – 8:30 PM

Each evening begins and ends with sitting meditation (zazen). Please bring your questions – about Buddhism, about Zen, about life. Basic questions, including “how to meditate,” are always welcome.

Led by Shodo Spring, Soto Zen priest and dharma heir of Shohaku Okumura. Shodo has practiced Zen for 30+ years, and is the host teacher of Mountains and Waters Zen Community.