Upcoming Events

Practice Period

August 19
9:00 AM

We will begin with a period of meditation at 9:00 a.m. and then gather to talk about our meditation experiences and questions we may have.

A reminder that Mark Nunberg will be with us starting in September and the book entitled Emptiness by Guy Armstrong will be the focus for the upcoming year. The book is available at Content book store.

May your practice be fruitful. Below is a short passage from Ajahn Chah’s Dhamma talk, Still Flowing Water.

Now this is the important point. If you know that all things are impermanent, all your thinking will gradually unwind. When you reflect on the uncertainty of everything that passes, you’ll see that all things go the same way. Whenever anything arises, all you need to say is, ”Oh, another one!”
Have you ever seen flowing water?…

Have you ever seen still water?… If your mind is peaceful it will be just like still, flowing water. Have you ever seen still, flowing water? There! You’ve only ever seen flowing water and still water, haven’t you? But you’ve never seen still, flowing water. Right there, right where your thinking cannot take you, even though it’s peaceful you can develop wisdom. Your mind will be like flowing water, and yet it’s still. It’s almost as if it were still, and yet it’s flowing. So I call it ”still, flowing water.” Wisdom can arise here.

Zen Conversations

July 19, August 2, 16, & 30
6:25 – 8:30 PM

Each evening begins and ends with sitting meditation (zazen). Please bring your questions – about Buddhism, about Zen, about life. Basic questions, including “how to meditate,” are always welcome.

Led by Shodo Spring, Soto Zen priest and dharma heir of Shohaku Okumura. Shodo has practiced Zen for 30+ years, and is the host teacher of Mountains and Waters Zen Community.